TPS is an extremely gentle and efficient therapy method for the rehabilitation and regeneration of lost brain functions.



The therapeutic mechanism of action of TPS in the brain




THE PROCEDURE after a preliminary medical consultation: 

Six sessions within three weeks of 45 minutes each.
During this time we recommend and offer 40 hertz binaural beats, that frequency,
that is best suited to bring the brain into a calm state for better function.


And micronutrients that are provided to the brain for best possible work, such as spermidine, choline, B vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, SAMe, etc., are also provided.


REGISTRATION for a preliminary consultation:

Dr. Uta Santos-König,

Tel: +43 1 40 666 00


REGISTRATION for TPS appointments:

Oliva Cobbina +43 699 12252873

Additional information:
Article "Effects of transcranial pulse stimulation on autism spectrum disorder."
>> Read now (PDF)

Dr. med. Uta Santos-König
Individualisierte Allgemeinmedizin und Psychotherapie

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+43 1 40 666 00

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Gesundheitszentrum am Hamerlingpark